This is a selection of some of my best works. Note, everything below is property of Lasse Nielsen, unless otherwise stated. Any feedback is appreciated.
All of the entries are sorted chronologically.

Thumb Name: iPod Nano
Type: Graphics design
Client: None
Tools: Photoshop CS2
Creation time: appx. 2 hours
Download source: .tar.gz or .zip
License: GPL

This is a cool piece of mine, an iPod Nano–with lit display and everything. It was actually done a bored afternoon, but I’m quite happy with the outcome.
Strictly created by me; not even an eyedropper tool was used for picking out colours.

Thumb Name: Mesozoic WordPress theme
Type: Webdesign / WordPress theme
Client: None
Tools: Photoshop CS2, UltraEdit 32, WordPress, Gedit
Creation time: In total, appx. 50 hours
Download source: .zip
License: GPL
Notes: Dotclear port by Gilles Marlet underway.

This is my first actual WordPress theme. It’s based on Kubrick, the default WordPress theme, by Michael Heilemann.
Two .PSD files are included; one with the header–so you can edit that to your liking–and one for the sidebar titles.

Thumb Name: Jackhammer Studios K2 menu fix
Type: Hack / Minor fix
Client: Jackhammer Studios.
Tools: WordPress
Creation time: 30 minutes

A small hack I did, involving recolouring the background of the menuline of the K2 theme.

Lasse Havelund on May 1st 2006