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As everyone else my ages, I’m working my… nose off with my exams. These are the most important exams in my life—the equivalent of the English GCSEs.

So far, my grades have surpassed all of my expectations.

Before telling what I’ve gotten so far, I figure I should explain the Danish grading system.

The (old [which we still use]) Danish scale goes from 00 to 13, like this:

Grade Explanation ECTS equivalent
13 Given for the exceptionally independent and excellent performance. A
11 Given for the independent and excellent performance. A
10 Given for the excellent but not particularly independent performance. B
9 Given for the good performance, slightly above average. C
8 Given for the average performance. C
7 Given for the mediocre performance, slightly below average. D
6 Given for the just acceptable performance. Minimum required to pass. E
5 Given for the hesitant and not satisfactory performance. Fx
03 Given for the very hesitant, very insufficient and unsatisfactory performance. F
00 Given for the completely unacceptable performance (e.g. not showing up). F

So far, my results have been (’-’ indicates unknown score):

Subject Written Oral
German 10 11
English 11 13
Danish 11/10/10 (dictation, essay-writing and read-test) 11
Science (physics/chemistry) 11 11 (single practical exam, combined with written)
Biology 10 10
Maths 9/10 (two exams) 11
History No test. 13

My last exam will be Danish oral on Tuesday, and then I’ll be waiting another few days for the last of my written results.

It should also be mentioned that I’ve discovered the wonder that is , which has helped me greatly with notes for my Science and History exams. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re sick of continuously adjusting your layouts in Word, etc.

Lasse Havelund on June 22nd, 2007

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  1. themak responded on June 24th, 2007 at 3:01 pm | permalink

    Very good.
    All the best with that Danish exam.

  2. Lasse Havelund responded on June 25th, 2007 at 1:43 am | permalink

    Cheers mate :)

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